Recent Publications
updated August 4, 2007

Recent Books

  • Evarts, Curtis. Liangyi Collection. Hong Kong, 2007.

  • Tian, Jiaqing. Destiny with Zitan. Beijing, 2007.
  • Hu, Desheng. Gugong Bowuyuan cang Ming Qing gongting jiaju daguan (Furniture of the Ming and Qing Palaces as Collected in the Palace Museum). In Chinese. Beijing, 2006.
  • Mazurkewich, Karen. Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques. Tuttle: North Clarendon, 2006.

Recent Articles

  • Evarts, Curtis. "Traditional Jumu Furniture and the Museum of Classical Jumu Furniture". in Orientations June 2006. Hong Kong, 2006, pp. 28-35.

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